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Gutters are the primary way that homeowners can direct rainwater away from their home’s foundation, windows, exterior walls, and prevent water from flowing into the house. Proper maintenance of gutters—like regular cleanings and repairing of damaged patches—increases the lifespan of gutters; however, homeowners may still need to replace them over time. Here are five signs that the gutters on a building should be replaced.


Water Around the Foundation


Gutters should prevent rainwater from getting close to the foundation of a building. So, if a homeowner observes puddles and pools of water there, it could be a sign that the gutters are not functioning as they should. If the water continues to seep into the soil below the house, it can create cracks and algae growth on the foundation walls, leading to more costly repairs in the long run.


Rust and Discoloration

A homeowner should check their gutters and downspouts at least twice a year on a sunny day for signs of damage. Patches of rust and discoloration signify that water is seeping out through cracks and that it’s time to install new gutters.


Peeling Paint

A coat of paint enables gutters to tolerate harsh weather conditions and protects them from moisture that could lead to rust. Therefore, if a homeowner observes peeling paint on the sides or rim of the gutters, it signifies wear and tear, meaning that the gutters are ready for a replacement.


Sagging Gutters

Once gutters start sagging away from the roof, they will begin to leave a space that will continue to grow. If there’s heavy rainfall, water can overflow to the fascia boards, which will absorb the water and eventually rot. Homeowners should look into gutter replacement services as soon as they notice sagging to prevent any need for extensive home repair.


Soil Erosion Around the Home

When they overflow, worn-out gutters can let water flow free on a homeowner’s property, consequently putting the foundation at risk of damage. Even small holes and cracks in a gutter can slowly seep water through, leading to small patches of soil erosion along the gutter line. As soon as damage is noticed, immediate replacement of faulty gutters is vital to protect a home’s foundation adequately.


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