One dilemma that many homeowners have when upgrading their bathroom is deciding what floors to install. Tile makes for a perfect selection, but there are still several aspects to consider when narrowing it down. Going through these steps will help to ensure a homeowner is satisfied with the outcome of their bathroom floor remodel.


Conduct Research


Installing flooring that’s on-trend is especially helpful if an owner is planning to sell the property soon. Researching online and seeing what other people are doing in their homes is a great way to discover new ideas that might be the right choice for your bathroom. Reach out to interior remodeling experts to ask what their recommendations would be on improving homes based on the interior.


Consider the Color Scheme

The next task is to determine what color scheme will go with the bathroom. Mixing up the color scheme is a chance to either change the bathroom around or to play off of what’s already present. If a homeowner is unsure of what color scheme to go with, choosing light-colored tiles is an excellent choice as they can go with anything. Accent colors can always be added later on to liven up the space.


Tile Size Matters

Another tip for selecting the perfect bathroom floor is to decide on an attractive tile size. The standard tile size is roughly 12×24; the larger the tile size the bigger the bathroom will appear. Subway tile is a timeless choice, while it’s also becoming more popular for homeowners to mix it up and use a few different tile sizes. Keep it classy by not choosing more than three different tile sizes to keep the space from looking busy and cluttered.


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