New siding not only improves the beauty and curb appeal of a home, but it also protects the internal structure from the elements. When siding becomes damaged, moisture can develop within the walls, leading to mold growth and wood rot. These six signs indicate that it may be time for full siding replacement.


Cracks or Gaps 

When fissures develop, water can get into the home and cause serious problems. In addition, even the smallest openings can provide access for insects, rodents, and other pests. Loose or damaged siding can sometimes be repaired if the problem is relegated only to a small area, but areas with extensive damage usually need to be replaced.


High Utility Bills

When heating costs skyrocket, damaged siding could be the culprit. If an inspection reveals that heat or air conditioning is escaping through the siding, replacing it can make the home more energy-efficient, lowering both utility bills and the homeowner’s carbon footprint. Drafts may be noticeable near windows, electrical switches, and vents.


Arduous Maintenance

Older types of siding require painting or refinishing every few years because the finish begins to crack and peel. Homeowners may also find that they need to powerwash the siding more often to keep it looking clean. This is often a good reason to choose new, low-maintenance vinyl siding.


Moisture Damage

When siding becomes warped, or when visible rot develops, moisture has already breached the siding. The boards may bulge and no longer lie flat against the outer wall. In this instance, siding must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid damage to the home’s underlying structure. If paint begins to peel or bubble inside the home, this may be caused by moisture that has entered through the siding. The same goes for visible mold or a musty smell.


Faded Color

Siding is designed to last a certain number of years. If the color of the siding is pale and faded, the material itself is aging and may no longer be able to keep moisture away from the walls effectively.


Dry Rot

When dry rot occurs, the layers underneath the siding become worn away. This can be detected by tapping a screwdriver against the siding. If a hollow sound results, the siding may be affected by dry rot.


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