Fiberglass is used today in a range of manufacturing and building capacities, including automobiles, boats, pools, and more. It’s also used to great success in windows and doors, where it offers a number of benefits over its wood and glass counterparts. Here are a few reasons why fiberglass composite doors are a great alternative to traditional wood doors.



Like real wood doors, fiberglass composite doors maintain a fresh, refined look, but for even longer, requiring less upkeep and maintenance. Fiberglass doors are overall more long-lasting and durable, resisting dents, rust, pests, and various forms of rot. Simply install it and forget about it.


Fiberglass composite doors are also much more resistant to damage than traditional wood doors, which are susceptible to splintering, rot, and weather damage. This means more security for homeowners and their families against pests, intruders, and other nuisances.


As opposed to traditional wood doors, fiberglass composite doors help to insulate the home against both cold and hot temperatures in all types of weather. According to, this is due to their foam insulation core. Their R-Value, a rating that denotes the energy efficiency of doors, reflects this with values up to four times that of a traditional wood door. This means less energy and money spent using heating and cooling systems.


Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of fiberglass composite doors over traditional wood doors is their affordability. While maintaining the warmth and beauty of wood doors, fiberglass doors don’t warp, split, or shrink and swell with temperature changes, all at a more reasonable price. These doors stay attractive and functional for years, so homeowners seeking sleek, smooth, seamless alternatives to traditional wood grain should consider fiberglass as an attractive alternative.

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